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The procedure for concluding a memorandum of cooperation between Iran’s National Steel Industrial Group and Arundan Oil and Gas Company

According to Public Relations and International Affairs, on Wednesday 19th of February, during the 13th specialized exhibition for the construction of oil industry equipment in Khuzestan province, which is being held at the permanent place of Ahvaz International Exhibitions, the ceremony of concluding a memorandum of understanding to expand the fields of cooperation and purchase guarantee and the supply of pipes needed by the oil industry was signed between Dr. Ali Mohammadi, CEO of Iran’s National Steel Industrial Group, and Engineer Adhari Ahwazi, CEO of Arundan Oil and Gas Company.

The ritual of starting the construction and completion of the second phase of the steel plant project

According to public relations and international affairs report, on Thursday, March 4, the ceremony of the start of construction and completion of the second phase of the steel plant of the National Steel Industrial Group of Iran was attended by Mr. Hosseini Mihrab, the governor of Khuzestan, Dr. Hosseini and Engineer Yousefi, representatives of the Sharif people of Ahvaz, Hamidiyeh. and Bavi in ​​the Islamic Council, members of the board of directors of the National Bank of Iran, Dr. Madras Khaibani, the CEO of the National Development Group of the National Bank, managers and supervisors of the provincial banks, members of the media and general colleagues, were held in the meeting hall of the National Bank.