Introduction of a company

About National Steel Industrial Group of Iran

In 1342, the country’s first steel rolling mill was established in the city of Ahvaz in order to produce all types of plain, ribbed and corner bars.

Production lines with the installation of equipment and assembly of machines with an annual capacity of 65 thousand tons were launched in 1346 and gradually other workshops and processes were added to it. After the glorious Islamic revolution, this industrial complex with a variety of lines and products from rolling and steelmaking processes was named after Iran’s National Steel Industrial Group.

With the implementation of development and reconstruction plans of production lines during the years 1371, 1383 and 1385, the production capacity increased and the quality of the product, the exploitation and production control systems were improved.

Now, this huge complex with an annual capacity of 1,435,000 tons of steel products and 430,000 tons of steel ingots is one of the important exporters of steel products while providing a major part of the country’s needs.

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رعایت ارزشهای اسلامی تقویت وجدان کاری
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حفظ کرامت انسانی
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Ethical charter of Ahvaz National Steel Group

The employees of Ahvaz National Steel Group have chosen the following ethical principles and values ​​as their ethical charter in order to fulfill their organizational role and improve effectiveness and efficiency and provide a dynamic and healthy environment.

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