Machine Manufacturing Factory

The machine factory was established in 1353 in order to supply the tools, parts and machines needed by the production plants of Iran’s National Steel Industrial Group.

This factory includes various machining, assembly, welding and heat treatment units using advanced CNC equipment, which is being operated in an area of ​​7000 square meters. In the assembly workshop of the machine factory, sub-powder welding equipment, CO2 gas welding, press machine, bending machine, guillotine, sheet shears and CNC flame cutting machines are used to manufacture and assemble all kinds of equipment and steel parts. Also, with the aim of improving the quality level of the parts made by the existing manufacturers in the country, the parts manufacturing unit (outsourced manufacturing) was established in this complex since 2013, and the responsibility of supplying all mechanical parts of the factories of the National Group was assigned to the machine and parts manufacturing factory.
This factory currently supplies about 45% of the parts needed by various factories through its workshops and has the ability to produce more than 80% of the parts needed by the national group. It also solves the rest of the need by using the ability of the country’s manufacturers.
The machine factory with more than 60 machine tools includes the following units:
1- Machine tools
Three machine tool sheds for manufacturing or repairing mechanical parts such as shafts, gears, bolts and nuts, rolling rolls, etc., which are manufactured and processed by advanced machines such as CNC lathes.سه

2- Heat treatment unit

3- Heat treatment unit
This workshop with equipped devices such as sub-powder welding machine, welding machine with shielding gas, cutting machine with computer, press machine, bending machine, guillotine, etc. is capable of making all kinds of structures, foundations, sheds and repairing and welding steel and non-steel parts. is.

4- parts manufacturing unit (external manufacturing)

Using the technical staff in the field of manufacturing and repairing mechanical parts, this unit monitors the entire process of manufacturing and repairing parts before starting work, during work, and after, with the aim of improving the quality level of parts that are made by the manufacturers of the country. and raises the technical matters step by step with the manufacturers and in order to increase the quality of the parts and if needed, he puts the modification of the process on the agenda, in other words, the parts that can be supplied through the workshops of machine-building and parts manufacturing factories If it is not possible, it is entrusted to the manufacturers of the country through the parts manufacturing unit (outsourced manufacturing) to be provided by using the technical knowledge within the group as well as the hardware and software equipment of the manufacturers.