Message from head manger

Message from head manger

Thank you so much to the Almighty Lord for giving us the opportunity to serve the noble and visionary people of Islamic Iran.

National Steel Industrial Group of Iran is the first steel products production complex in Iran, which with more than half a century of production history, with the help of the Almighty and with the help of experienced workers, technicians and expert engineers, hardworking employees and managers and taking advantage of New equipment, machines and lines are among the largest producers of steel sections in the country.Exclusive capabilities in the organization, quantity and quality of production, wide presence in domestic and foreign markets, continuity of research and development and relying on modern technologies, diversity and multitude of products, long-standing records and modern business environment, baggage of experiences and expertise. , maintaining and improving the levels of quality and environmental standards, exclusive production (seamless pipe), adherence to the principles of customer orientation and respect for employees, creativity and innovation, development of human resources in sync with the implementation of industrial development plans, only relative and competitive advantages and It is not the basis of our dignity and honor. Rather, the support of our growth and the basis of our pride and pride is serving in a part of the industries of this fertile soil, which in the not-so-distant time has been blessed with the coming of martyrs and warriors who sacrificed their lives and been blessed with the rendezvous of the lovers of Hazrat Haqq and the battle fronts of the Haqq. It is not far from falsehood. Even now, the enthusiasm of Jihad in the field of production and the loudness of the name of the Islamic homeland, which energizes the hands and encourages the hearts and souls of the employees of the National Steel Industrial Group of Iran to increase the quality and economic production and earn the honor of honestly serving the children of this border and It is a canvas.

Today, steel products are mentioned as strategic goods with various applications in developing countries, which can play a significant role in the comprehensive development of countries due to their widespread use by human societies. The development of steel industry and products is one of the most basic needs and the driving force behind the country’s economy and is considered as the parent industry.

While adhering to professional ethics, we are always determined to formulate and implement the goals of our organization in line with the policy of the system and in line with economic development and reducing dependence on foreigners, while protecting the interests of customers, employees and other stakeholders of the company, and in this way, support Our principle is the honesty and sincerity of human capital in a knowledge-oriented organization that adheres to the optimal management of resources and energy, preserving the environment, increasing productivity, believing in customer-oriented principles and developing a business environment and healthy competition.

Undoubtedly, maintaining the past achievements and achieving the goals facing the organization in the face of the current developments and challenges, requires the effort, support and participation of all employees, relying on the blessings of the Divine Essence and a will-oriented and resistance-type movement towards increasing the production capacity with a market focus. which can lead to the development of brighter horizons in the perspective of the company’s activities and epic creation in the economic field and guarantee the continuation of successes. I ask the Almighty God for everyone’s pride.